︎Hey there!

I’m Jared (he/him), currently a Senior Designer at Compass in Los Angeles, CA. I love to help build small brands of all sorts, with a playful design sensibilty and knack for custom typography.


Compass Real Estate
︎︎︎ Senior Designer (2020–Present)
︎︎︎ Designer (2018–2020)

Cards Against Humanity
︎︎︎ Contract Designer (2018)

︎︎︎ Designer, Office of the CEO  (2017–2018)

Cards Against Humanity
︎︎︎ Design Intern (2016–2017)

Find me here

︎︎︎ Echo Park, Los Angeles
︎︎︎ jaredsawdey@gmail.com
︎︎︎ LinkedIn